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AMERICAN FAMILY TRAVEL STORIES - Click onto title or pages to read the full story

"Florida Lighthouses"
Travel Guide to Florida (Spring 2014)



"The Ultimate Family Playground"
Travel Guide to Florida (Spring 2011)


"It's Not Easy Being Tween"
Maclean's magazine (March 2009)


  "Wild for Wyoming: Yellowstone's Lamar Valley is America's Serengeti"
Toronto Sun newspaper (August, 2008)


To read the story, click on the cover image (photo Nathan Hobbs).


"World of Wishes"
CAA Magazine (Summer 2007)



"The Grand Escape"
New Outlook (Summer 2007)



"Ain't it Grand: Bond with the grandkids"
AARP The Magazine (spring 2006)



"Family Spa Getaway a hot time: Miami perfect place to relax and reconnect"
Toronto Sun newspaper (fall 2004)


"Look Ma, it's Raining Iguanas: Eco-adventure in the Puerto Rico rain forest"
Toronto Sun newspaper (fall 2004)

Iguana by a resort pool


"Beach Bliss"
canoe.ca website (fall 2003)



"Doing the Louisiana Stomp"
Travel & More magazine (spring 2003)