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Family Travel Writer, Author and Photographer

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Email: kate@familytravelink.com

  Kate Pocock
Kate at the Ice Hotel, Quebec

As a professional, hard-working writer (see bio), Kate strives to give editors what they need—original ideas and clean copy—on budget and on time.

But don’t rely on Kate’s word. Read a few unsolicited comments from editors with whom she's worked between 2007 and 2018:

”Thanks for all your work in making the Canadian Signature Experiences story a reality in the 2018 Travel Guides to Canada. A lot of digging and research was needed to come up with this cross-section of unique events. Kudos!“
”I really enjoyed reading your story . . . learning about a local environmentalist was fantastic."
We all loved your feature. Thank you!"
”Really nice job.“

”Thanks so much for your hard work on this.“

”Got it and love it! This is exactly what I had in mind.“

”Your stories were great, your turnaround time was a marvel and through it all a helpful sunny disposition... An editor couldn’t ask for more.“

”Kate, that was terrific -- your answers were comprehensive and helpful and thorough. You were great!“

”All the good looks in the world don’t amount to much without some substance -- and you delivered a great story!“

”Not only does Kate possess all of the necessary copyediting, writing, researching, and fact-checking skills. She also brings intelligence, a sense of humor and tremendous enthusiasm to any job.“

Kate has a wealth of good story material available.

Just back from: Paris, France; Spain: Barcelona, Cordoba, Malaga, Seville; Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; Quebec City; British Columbia: Vancouver, Whistler

Going to (2017/2018): Quebec Maritime area; Ireland: Dublin, Ring of Kerry; Boulder/Denver, Colorado; California.

If you would like to contact Kate about writing/ photos, email her at kate@familytravelink.com or call her @ 416-690-4423.