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HOW-TO FAMILY TRAVEL STORIES - Click onto the title or pages to read the full story

"Switching up Your Holiday Traditions"
Your Teen for Parents (2017)



"Doctors Without Borders: Lending a Helping Hand Abroad"
Healthwise Magazine (Fall 2013)



"All Aboard: Get Vacation-Ready with Our Family Travel Guide"
CAA Magazine (Spring 2009)



"Make it Personal: Hire a Guide"
MoneySense (October 2008)



"Perfect Match: Trading Homes could be the start of a beautiful vacation"
New Outlook/ Family Outlook (spring 2008)



"Digging Up Roots: How to Help kids Explore the Family's Heritage"
Today's Parent (winter 2007)



"The Frugal Globetrotter"
MoneySense magazine (November 2006)



"Equal Rights for Parents: Find a holiday that's right for everyone"
MoneySense magazine (winter 2005)



"Simply the Best Travel Bargains"
Reader's Digest magazine (fall 2004)



"Junior Jet Setters: Family Vacation Doesn't Mean that Learning Stops"
Travel & More magazine (summer 2003)