Kate Pocock: Family Travel Writer    Kate Pocock: Family Travel Ink
Family Travel Writer, Author and Photographer

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Kate, the kids, and a ray!
For more than 30 years, family travel expert Kate Pocock has roamed the world with her three kids (as well as her nine nieces and nephews). And she's still smiling! Her travel tales have been widely published in such magazines as Reader's Digest, and AARP The Magazine, in newspapers such as the New York Times, as well as in travel guides, and as tales in her 'Family Fare' newspaper column that ran in The Toronto Sun for more than 10 years. Adventures range from flying with babies to swimming with stingrays and introducing teens to the world’s coolest cities.

A Wealth Of Experience
Over the last few years, Kate has focused on traveling with older kids: teens and 20-somethings, as well as multi-generational trips. Interests and assignments continually take her in search of new experiences for families of all sizes and ages. For details on her current media outlets, see her bio. To see samples of her published work, simply click onto family stories or photographs.

The Family Travel Bookworm
Kate also writes books. She’s the author of Fodor’s Around Toronto with Kids and contributed 14 chapters on Canadian adventures to National Geographic Guide to Family Adventure Vacations. She also authored Passport to Road Trip Adventure and is a keen editor of photo books.

A Freelance Professional
Kate’s knowledge of the family travel market, and her experience of traveling with all ages, as well as her flexibility and good humor, make her a valuable resource.

If you would like to commission a family travel story that meets your needs, please call 416-690-4423 or email kate@familytravelink.com.